Lazy Sunday

After a night of pre-dinner drinks and nibbles chez nous and eating out at La Plage (a restaurant, not actually the beach), nothing was better than a sleeping till noon. Tidying up, and assessing the damage from last night passed in a blur. The Frog Prince and I had morning beverages in our very own cyber cafe. Seated side-by-side on our bar stools, at our little kitchen bar each with a laptop and beverage of choice (in my case a lovely warm double shot soy latte… Thank-you Nespresso!) we slowly came back to life. There’s nothing better on a Sunday, than a nice warm drink and comfy clothing. My favourite Sunday outfit consists of a pre-loved tee, fleecey pants (Country Road under-the-knee fleece pants ROCK) and ugg boots (I’m Australian after all… uggs are just a fact of life). I feel perfectly content in this outfit. It might not be catwalk material, but don’t we all unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures from time-to-time?

It was cold outside, and staying cozy and warm would have suited me fine, but a decent break in the weather was a good opportunity for exercise. For me a good portion of feeling fashionable is about feeling bien dans ma peau (good in my skin). I stretched for a good half an hour and rendezvous-ed with my belle soeur for our Sunday run. The weather held out, and my dodgy knee must have liked the extra stretches as I was able to complete a solid 9.5km with very little discomfort.

This is something that has changed for me since being in Paris. In Paris people run. No-one seems to walk for exercise. I’ve always been a fairly decent runner, though I find I get a better workout for my legs by power-walking. I’ve tried it once or twice (I’m not normally one to shy from being a bit different), but in a city as touristic as this it’s a nightmare trying to overtake other pedestrians if you walk. People are much more obliging if you’ve at least broken into a jog. I’ve come to love my running route, it’s such a buzz to wizz by the Eiffel Tower. This does pose one very girly question though. Make-up?

In general I’m serious about my sport so a nude face is a given. However, here I feel like there are far too many people everywhere and I find myself reaching for the mascara and eyeliner before I leave the apartment. Make-up is something which gives me confidence. The Frog Prince laughs at me when I put on tinted moisturiser and pretty-up my eyes before snowboarding… personally I think it works.

Any thoughts?


~ by fashiondevotion on November 8, 2009.

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