Loving Labels

I intend on making several posts like this one, as I’m always discovering new labels, or re-discovering brands. So here’s my first list of labels I love and why.

Country Road– This is an Australian brand which for me is classic, fresh AUSTRALIAN. They make mens, womens, childrens and homewares. I love Country Road for cool casuals like linen pants, summer shorts, gorgeous quality tees, tops and dresses. Their winter collections are so snuggly. When I wear clothing from Country Road I feel comfortable, confident and casual yet classy. They make great suits for men and women. My Frog Prince looks great in Country Road. I’m not sure I can say enough good things about it as a label. They also make brilliant canvas bags which are somewhat iconic for the brand. When I travel I always stash one of these bags in my suitcase. They are perfect for adding those extra purchases, and when not traveling they come in handy as a brilliant sports bag.

Petit Bateau– Brilliant for tees. They are such good quality, and always look good. Many people don’t realise that Petit Bateau make for adults… but they DO! The baby and childrens clothing is gorgeous and if you know the quality those you can understand what I’m talking about. I’m a firm believer is paying a bit more for good basics like tees. They tend to look better, last longer and wash better. Worth the investment.

Sandro– This is a label I’ve discovered since being in Paris. I don’t own anything from Sandro… YET! I plan on adding many Sandro items to my wardrobe in the future. Amongst my acquaintance there is an abundance of Sandro garments. They look great, and no one has had any complaints about anything, so that’s a pretty good indication of cut and quality. They have collections for men and women. The clothing is always up-to-the-minute and extremely stylish. I always leave the stores wishing I could take everything with me.

Maje– I especially love the jackets at Maje. For me their style is typically French and chic. They have several leather pieces this season which will be appearing on my Christmas wishlist.

Jigsaw– Has been one of my favourites for years. I worked for them when I lived in the UK and that only increased how much I like their clothing. A good portion of my wardrobe is devoted to Jigsaw. I’ve given all my pieces quite the thrashing, and everything has held up remarkably well. I’ve worn the same clothes I used to wear to work on a very regular basis for years now, and only now are they starting to show wear and tear. The quality is fantastic! It’s been a few years since I’ve treated myself to anything Jiggy, so I can’t wait to check out the clothing in-the-flesh on my trip to the UK next week! I’ll be paying special attention to their winter woolies, tees, skirts and coats.

French Connection (FCUK)– I can always rely on FCUK to have something that pleases me, and something that can quickly update my look. I don’t own nearly as many FCUK items as I’d like but all in good time.

Repetto– This French label is the bench-mark for ballerina shoes. I live in ballerinas and have a reasonable collection. I have a few pairs from Repetto, and they are undoubtedly the most comfortable and durable of all. They are hand finished, and the soles are sewn to the body of the shoe (not glued like the most part of shoes on the market). The cut of the shoes are gorgeous and available in a broad spectrum of colours. The leathers used are very high quality and so soft. Price wise they’ll set you back a fair bit more than the average ballerina shoe, but it’s money well spent. Repettos will outlast the cheaper versions making them a good investment. I’ve not been disappointed yet. Repetto also sells “actual” ballet shoes and dance wear. I love the whole dance look, and hope to purchase a few pieces for doing stretches at home and keeping comfy.

I hope you like my list. As I said it’s ever growing, and I’ve only really touched on the subject in this post.


~ by fashiondevotion on November 4, 2009.

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