The First Five

Today was my first attempt at Five on Friday, and I can already see just how tight the mini budget of €5 actually is (especially in a city as expensive as Paris). Having said that, I’m looking at Five on Friday as a game. It’s a bit of fun, and a challenge. Today I had time to wander around and so I took note of  few places I’d like to look at again (which could be useful on future Fridays).

When I arrived at Place de la Concorde, this was the view. I hadn’t even noticed how low the clouds were until I turned and saw that the top of the Eiffel Tower was hidden. It was cold too. My denim biker jacket seemed woefully inadequate.

The View in Paris Today

The View in Paris Today

I visited an area I’d never visited before today. And I would never have thought to go there was it not for my new found companion Paris Pas Cher 2010, by Anne and Claire Riou. Pas cher, means not expensive. The book is filled with shops, websites, restaurants, outings and more, all boasting low cost alternatives or less costly options for almost anything. It’s fabulous for someone, such as myself, who is on a budget. It is written in French, and so far I’ve not found an English version. And so on the advice of the authors I visited Marc by Marc Jacobs as according to them, prices could start at €5. I was skeptical to say the least, as I could not image what I could possibly purchase for my €5 budget at Marc by Marc Jacobs. The answer was… not a lot.

The shop at 19, place du Marché-Saint-Honoré is not an outlet store. It is a fairly small store, well presented. Lots of fluoro in the window display, as well as a Fluorescent orange cow inside. There were many other bargain hunters, making navigation of the shop floor somewhat precarious. One side of the shop was clothing, I didn’t look too much as all the clothing was well outside the budget. There was a selection of books, accessories (mostly bags), and at the rear of the shop was jewellery and sunglasses. Large dishes positioned through out the store was where bargains were to be found.

For the amazing price of €2 each were silver rings, embossed with phrases in latin. I really liked them straight off… not just because they fit into the budget, but because they were simple. They were more modern than my usual choice in rings, and I think they’ll add a fresh and subtle touch to my look. I took two! The inscriptions read TIBI. IN OMNE TEMPUS, meaning For You Forever, and VERITAS INLUSTRAT meaning Truth Enlightens.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Latin Rings

Marc by Marc Jacobs Latin Rings

Wondering if I was cutting myself short at €4, I spotted some more bargain dishes next to the cashier. Perfect. A Marc by Marc Jacobs Lipstick Pen! Ok, so it’s not exactly a fashion accessory, but it is infinitely cooler than the bottle green ‘school’ pen, I was given at my last school reunion. It’s also functional, more deserving of a place in my handbag, and only €1.

Lipstick Pen

Marc Jacobs Lipstick Pen

My purchases earned me a little baggy too. It’s just too cute not to show, though here you don’t really get an idea of just how small it is.


The tiny bag!


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