True love is a Balenciaga Leather Jacket

It has now been two days since my first blog, and I have been mentally writing this second entry ever since.

Monday’s AA session took a bit of a turn. I ended up having company (not a bad thing mind you) and so spent a bit less time there than I had planned (not a bad thing either as I’m inspired to go and take a closer look at a few things). I now also know the best time of day to go. I did treat myself to a hooded scarf, which should add a bit of fun to my winter garb.

Packaging for American Apparel Hooded Scarf

Packaging for American Apparel Hooded Scarf

With my “belle soeur” we covered a fair amount of ground in six hours of shopping. Our main goal was in fact to find the best selection of iphone accessories… namely protective cases/sleeves. I thought it a good opportunity to get an advanced look at what was out there in preparation for when I get my own iphone in the coming few weeks (and to look for a nice case for my fiancé’s iphone). I was actually fairly shocked at the lack of stylish cases. One brand that did stand out was modelabs. They had a nice range of flap cases and sleeves, mostly in leathers. A good range can be found at fnac on the Champs Élysées. Of course the best range can be found online, but even still I’m not sure I’ve found what I want, and not sure I’m prepared to pay sooo much for something so simple. I’m tempted to (MMO) Make My Own. I think a visit to one of my fave fabric destinations in Montmartre could yield a nice piece of leather, reasonably priced (which I might get a few other accessories out of too).

We hit a fair few clothing shops en route to each new phone place. Namely, MANGO, Bershka and a smattering of small boutiques along the rue de Renard. One boutique in particular had a fair range of shoes and boots tendance (style of the moment), offering cheap prices, that could help pull off a few looks for the season. I plan on taking another look this week and I’ll be sure to post the boutique’s name as it evades me just now. The visit to Bershka yielded a pair of long, black gloves for €7.95. The gloves come up to my elbows, and I think will be the solution to my European shopping nightmare. This nightmare being that I’m freezing cold when I’m outside, but I end up boiling hot inside shops and on the metro. I plan on pairing them with layered t-shirts so I can simply remove my coat/jacket and gloves and hopefully stay at a comfortable temperature.

Bershka Gloves

Bershka Gloves

Tuesday I met up with a new friend of mine. Both equally devoted to fashion we decided to cruise the top labels and drool in Galleries Lafayette, and Printemps. New additions and discoveries include a new Manolo Blahnik section and the label Leon & Harper, respectively.

I practically passed out when we discovered the new Manolo Blahnik section in Printemps, featuring the new colors of the Rhinestone Buckle d’Orsay shoes (yes… the ones Carrie has stolen in “Sex and the City”).

Balenciaga Leather Biker Jacket

Balenciaga Leather Biker Jacket

Leon & Harper Pants

Leon & Harper Pants

My response was almost the same in the Balenciaga section where I found the perfect leather jacket (for one months rent plus a few hundred). Seriously, it’s perfection, and has found a permanent place on my wish list. I was reluctant to leave it there, being so beautiful, I might never see it again. Ahhhhh!!! Balenciaga!!!

Leon & Harper was a label I’d not heard of before yesterday. Their range is more mid-market, therefore that much more attainable. They had a pair of pants that were to-die-for and I would happily buy them at that price (€100). I’m unable to treat myself just yet, but I’ll be keeping an eye on those babies.


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