Day One

It’s Monday morning here in Paris… the start of a new week. The sun is shining (which I think it should if it possibly can on a Monday… somehow it makes the start of the week seem more positive).

I’m half ready to head out and explore today. Wardrobe choice so far consists of blue jeans, long sleeved white t-shirt, tan belt, tan moccasins and camel trench… exciting I know (yes.. I’m being sarcastic).

As I’ve noted in my ABOUT section, my wardrobe is seriously depleted. This doesn’t make me very happy. I will post photos shortly, so you can all see for yourselves, exactly what I’m dealing with here.

However, keeping positive… I’m looking forward to spending quality time in AA (American Apparel). I love their stuff, but every time I go, it’s a Saturday, and it’s over-flowing with fellow “addicts”. Today I plan on really looking at everything, and perhaps allowing myself a “fashion hit”. AA is in a fantastic shopping area, so I’ll be soaking up all the window displays, and taking note of shops and brands to keep an eye on. At this phase of my transformation, finance is a huge factor so stay tuned to see what bargains I can find.


~ by fashiondevotion on October 26, 2009.

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